Criminal Investigation Department

Criminal Investigation Department: Advancing Justice on Pine Ridge

The Criminal Investigation Department at the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety in Pine Ridge plays a crucial role in addressing criminal activities within the reservation's jurisdiction. Detectives respond to crime scenes, collecting evidence and reconstructing events for a comprehensive understanding of each case. Through interviews and interrogations, they gather pertinent information from witnesses, victims, and suspects. The department excels in case management, ensuring thorough organization of files, documentation, and evidence for legal proceedings.

Collaborating with both tribal and external law enforcement agencies enhances the effectiveness of investigations, and they provide valuable support to prosecution efforts by preparing reports and presenting evidence during criminal trials. Specialized units may address specific crime types, such as narcotics, special victims, or fraud. The department is dedicated to justice, conducting cold case investigations to bring closure to unsolved cases and actively engages in crime prevention initiatives and community education to foster awareness and proactive measures against criminal activities.

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