Patrol Department

Patrol Department: Promoting Safety, Trust and Community Engagement

The Patrol Department at the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is tasked with enforcing tribal laws through routine patrolling, aiming to deter criminal activity, respond to emergencies, and ensure the overall safety of residents. Additionally, the department plays a vital role in traffic enforcement, monitoring and upholding traffic laws to enhance road safety. This includes conducting traffic stops, checking for compliance, and addressing violations. In times of emergency, the Patrol Department swiftly responds to accidents, incidents of violence, and natural disasters, coordinating with other emergency services for an effective response. The department actively engages in community policing, building positive relationships by participating in events, meetings, and outreach programs to address concerns and foster trust. 

Crime prevention strategies are implemented through proactive measures, investigations into criminal activities, and collaboration with other law enforcement agencies when necessary. Moreover, the Patrol Department contributes to public safety education by providing programs on topics such as crime prevention, safety awareness, and community policing initiatives. Through collaborative efforts, the department works in coordination with other tribal departments, local law enforcement agencies, and relevant organizations to address broader public safety issues within the community. 

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