Highway Safety Department

Highway Safety Department Department: Ensuring Road Safety on Pine Ridge Reservation

The Department of Highway Safety plays a multifaceted role in ensuring the safety and compliance of road users on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Traffic Enforcement is a pivotal function, involving the monitoring and regulation of speed limits, seat belt usage, and other traffic regulations to maintain order and safety on the roads. In the event of accidents, the department is actively involved in Accident Investigation, responding promptly to incidents and meticulously examining causes and contributing factors. This information is indispensable for enhancing road safety and formulating preventative measures. Moreover, the department takes a proactive stance on Driver Education, implementing programs aimed at instilling safe driving practices, particularly among young or new drivers.

In collaboration with other agencies, Road Maintenance and Planning efforts ensure the adequacy of road infrastructure, addressing issues such as signage, road design, and overall improvement. Emergency Response involves seamless coordination with emergency services to address accidents, natural disasters, or other incidents impacting road safety.

Community Outreach initiatives further strengthen ties with residents, fostering awareness about road safety, promoting responsible driving behavior, and addressing concerns or issues related to highways.

Road Safety Initiatives: Educating the Community on the Reservation

Efforts to raise awareness and promote prevention of risky behaviors, along with car seat and seatbelt safety, were emphasized on the reservation. Regular presentations were broadcasted weekly through KILI Radio, accessible both on-air and online. These initiatives focused on educating the community about roadway safety.

State troopers played a key role, particularly in the 'Freshman Impact' program, aimed at enlightening teen drivers about the hazards of drunk driving and the critical importance of wearing seat belts. Additionally, informative sessions were conducted at American Horse School, Lakota Tech, and Porcupine Schools, concentrating on teaching children the significance of seat belt usage, pedestrian safety, and school bus safety.

In Bennett County, a specialized presentation was organized to address drug-related issues. The community also benefited from several car seat clinics held across various reservation locations. A notable achievement of these clinics was the distribution of 176 car seats to parents of young children. These events were not just about distribution but also included essential guidance on the correct installation and maintenance of the car seats.

Pine Ridge Highway Safety Mobilizations

Pine Ridge Department of Highway safety has several mobilizations to raise awareness for safety on the pine ridge Indian reservation. These include Click it or Ticket, Don't Shatter the Dream, and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

Click it or Ticket

Join Lyle and Arlo from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, in the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Highway Safety's groundbreaking "Click it or Ticket" campaign. This comedic PSA, the first of its kind in Indian Country, adds a humorous twist to the serious message of seatbelt safety.

Watch as Lyle and Arlo bring their unique brand of humor to the importance of buckling up. With an unexpected twist and laugh-out-loud moments, this campaign proves that promoting safety can be both entertaining and essential.

Kudos to the Oglala Sioux Tribe for taking a lighthearted approach to highway safety, making "Click it or Ticket" a memorable and enjoyable experience for viewers. Share the video, spread the word, and remember, clicking it is the first step to avoiding that ticket!

Don't miss the laughter-filled journey – hit play now and join Lyle and Arlo on the road to safety in the most entertaining way possible!

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